David Burstein

email: dburste1*at*swarthmore*dot*edu
Visiting Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College
Research Interests:  ​Network Science, Dynamical Systems and Stochastic Processes. 
Applications to Internet Routing, Epidemiology and Neuroscience.


Interception in distance-vector routing networks with F. Kenter, J. Kun, F. Shi. Journal of Complex Networks (June 2016).    arXiv Preprint    JCN Link

Sufficient conditions for graphicality of bidegree sequences with J. Rubin. 
To appear in the SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics.  
arXiv Preprint


Degree switching and partitioning for enumerating graphs to arbitrary orders of accuracy with J. Rubin.    arXiv Preprint

The k shortest paths problem with application to routing with L. Metcalf.


Challenges in Random Graph Models with Degree Heterogeneity (August 2016) 
University of Pittsburgh Thesis Respository